Russell has twenty four years as an exploration geophysicist both as a company employee and as a consultant. Russell’s broad and concentrated experience in the application of geophysical techniques in mineral exploration for gold, platinum group elements (PGE’s) and a broad range of base metals including, iron ore, nickel, copper, manganese, graphite as well as mineral sands, uranium and water.

Russell is highly experienced in geophysical exploration for nickel/copper sulphides and other base metals and is directly responsible for a number of well renowned geophysical discoveries and ongoing successful extensional exploration discoveries including Silver Swan NiS Mine, Daybreak massive NiS deposit, Flying Fox Deeps T1-T5 massive NiS deposit, Kurrajong VMS, Cassini massive NiS discovery, Andover Complex Ni-Cu discoveries, Carr Boyd T5 Ni-Cu discovery, Mawson – Fraser Range Ni-Cu discoveries and Mawson – Fraser Range Ni-Cu discoveries to name a few.